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    Flaky, Dry Penis Skin?

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    The look of flaky, dry skin is understandably upsetting to many men. In the first place, dryness may result in considerable distress, and it can cause sex or self-gratification debilitating. In the next place, it may be a source of embarrassment – what guy would like to show himself to a spouse when his penile skin appears more like a sloughed-off snake skin? Worse yet, in some instances, flaking penile skin indicates something more than a cosmetic issue.

    Did you know?

    Certain underlying conditions may result in dry, roughened skin, and addressing these is vital for superior penis health in addition to a person’s general well-being. Balanitis. Balanitis really refers to a range of issues that affect the penis that are often characterized by swelling, swelling, rash, reddened skin and a thick, smelly discharge. Moreover, men with balanitis may develop dry, flaky skin. This issue is often associated with hygiene, and therapy is usually focused on maintaining the penis clean.


    Men who have diabetes are vulnerable to numerous ongoing health problems; one of these, thrush – or yeast infection – is very common. Thrush is characterized by reddened penile skin or a rash composed of small, red bumps; the skin tends to be quite itchy and may develop long cuts or tears. Men who have frequent issues with thrush should speak with their doctor to ascertain whether diabetes or some other underlying disease is to blame.

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    Also called dermatitis, this condition is characterized by: dry skin; a raised, red rash; intense itching; and dryness. The condition may affect the entire body, including the skin of the penis. One form of eczema (contact dermatitis) is triggered by an irritant in the environment and can be treated by removing the irritant. Another kind (atopic dermatitis) is thought to be an autoimmune disease. The most common treatment for atopic eczema is using topical cortisone creams; in many instances, the treatment really exacerbates the dry skin issue, therefore it’s necessary to utilize a doctor-recommended moisturizer throughout the treatment procedure.


    This is an autoimmune disease that may affect the whole body. Essentially, the immune system overproduces cells. The end result is patches of raised, red skin that may develop a scaly or flaky surface and could be extremely itchy. Like psoriasis, psoriasis can be treated with topical cortisone creams, and additional TLC is required to deal with the drying effects of those drugs. Sexually transmitted infections.


    Last but not least, numerous sexually transmitted diseases, including herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis, can cause the appearance of dry, roughened skin on the penis. Regular testing for STIs is strongly urged for all men that are sexually active, and guys who develop symptoms should abstain from all sexual contact until the cause has been identified and properly treated. The most crucial step in restoring healthy, smooth skin is always addressing any underlying health difficulties.

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    Because many health conditions can present with similar symptoms, self-diagnosis isn’t suggested. Men should seek the advice of their doctor so as to pinpoint the specific cause of the issue, and the physician’s recommendations for treatment ought to be followed. During the recovery process, there are different actions that men can choose to encourage the formation of fresh, healthy skin cells. As an example, drinking a lot of water can encourage hydration of the skin from the inside out and give it a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

    Final note

    Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is also suggested for healthy skin. Additionally, men might want to supplement their personal care regimen using a targeted penis health crème (caregivers advocate Man1 Man Oil). Look for products that contain the strong moisturizing duo of Shea butter and vitamin E; together, these components provide instant relief from itching and dryness, while locking in moisture to prevent further drying and discomfort. Ingredients such as vitamins A, D and C work together to heal damaged skin cells and promote healthy tissue growth. By taking advantage of these nutrients, guys may enjoy skin that’s smooth and responsive instead of dull, dry and uncomfortable.


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