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    How To Treat Postpartum Depression?

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    A while back everybody was mad at Tom Cruise since they did not like what he had to say regarding the dilemma of Brooke Shields, postpartum depression and antidepressants. But just because you did not like what he said did not mean that he was wrong. To start with, postpartum depression is a hormone imbalance not an antidepressant lack.

    Good to know

    This means it ought to be treated with hormones, not antidepressants. Many women are being duped into believing they have a psychiatric problem when it’s truly a hormone imbalance which can be treated with natural, bio-identical hormones. One young, new mum complained of feeling sad soon after the birth of her first child. An easy hormone test indicated she had been low from the hormone, progesterone. After just two days of therapy with bio-identical progesterone, she reported feeling 100% better.

    Women shouldn’t be exposed to prescription antidepressants which include the chance of serious side effects like suicidal tendencies and heart problems when their problem is hormonal. Brooke Shields even reported that she wanted to push her car, with her infant inside, into a wall when she tried to come off the antidepressant she had been taking. Second, Tom Cruise indicated that she needs to exercise and take nutrition. He was not wrong there either.

    Take note

    A research conducted by the Public Health Institute in Berkeley, California discovered a direct correlation between improved exercise and a reduction risk in being miserable or getting depressed. Another study from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University reported that following depressed patients who exercised had a significant lower relapse compared to those who had been treated with medication. I am a doctor who has seen a lot of women diagnosed with postpartum depression and just plain old depression without having a decent medical work-up.

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    Another girl came to see me because she had been very ill with several distinct symptoms, from arthritis to double vision. She’d been to many experts. None could find out why she had all these symptoms. She was taking an antidepressant for seven decades, through a pregnancy and during nursing her infant. Each of her symptoms was a side effect of the antidepressant she had been carrying but not one specialist figured out that even though she told every one she had been taking the antidepressant. Once she gradually stopped the antidepressant (no one needs to stop these drugs suddenly), all of her symptoms went away. And the depression she allegedly had, was not depression in any respect. It turned out to by hypothyroidism, yet not one physician had performed a simple blood test to discover the reason for her depressed symptoms.


    The antidepressants currently used most frequently in america would be the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) such as Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox and lots of others. I’ve discovered in my own patients that taking these SSRI antidepressants really deplete the serotonin in the body, not raise it. The patients I’ve seen on these drugs felt better but felt worse in the long run and had trouble stopping the medication without major side effects. Besides hormone deficiencies, there are lots of true causes of feeling depressed.

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    Some of theses are hypothyroidism, nutritional deficiencies, allergies and prescription medication side effects. Despite the fact that these statements are from the psychiatrist’s guide, unless the physician does a thorough evaluation of the patient, the physician won’t ever know that the patient has a medical condition, not a psychiatric one. One psychologist declared on national television that “Psychiatrists do not do physicals.” If a psychiatrist doesn’t perform a physical examination on a patient or doesn’t perform laboratory tests, there’s absolutely not any way they can get the real cause of these symptoms. Giving someone a psychiatric diagnosis and a prescription for a psychiatric medication without a thorough medical evaluation should be considered malpractice.

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