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    Why To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight?

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    If you take the analogy that our bodies are like an engine, then it follows that this engine will function better if it receives the sort of fuel it was developed to run on. In years gone by, before artificially processed and manufactured foods, our bodies normally obtained the appropriate nutritional balance daily.


    As a growing number of families saw the husband and wife holding down jobs outside the home, the dynamics of eating, nutrition and exercise started to change. Today, the average meal is so laden with synthetic preservatives and saturated fat that our bodies are hungry for the ingredients they need, and overflowing with the ingredients they don’t require. This nutrient imbalance manifests itself through weight issues, skin problems, fatigue, disease, and general poor health.

    Although this problem has reached pandemic proportions, you can undo the effects of poor diet on your life if you really want to. While this phrase might have been coined for the computer business, it is very relevant in regards to our own body. Every moment that we’re living, our body is busy producing the chemicals, fluids, proteins, and cells that must keep us healthy. Food, or rather the nourishment that’s derived from food, is what the body is determined by to deal with all these tasks. Everything that we have is used, stored, or lost by the body.

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    The body’s specific nutritional needs may vary widely depending upon what is happening inside and outside of us at any specific time. Our body makes decisions about whether to burn fat or carbs based upon our immediate energy requirements, how long it was since our last meal, and the overall state of our health. The body burns fuel in a very particular sequence. Alcohol is burnt first because our bodies don’t have any way to keep it for later use. Protein is burnt next, then carbs and, eventually fat.

    Because fat is consumed last, and the average person has a diet that’s full of fat, our bodies keep away the fat for use at a future time. How is this fat saved? You guessed it; it is stored as fatty tissue. And that is why we call being obese “fat”. These excess fat stores not only influence our physical appearance, but they also have a huge effect on our general health.

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    Final note

    Increased risk of developing certain cancers. Increased risk of arterial and heart disease because of elevated cholesterol levels. Increased risk of stroke. Increased risk of Diabetes. Increased probability of Liver disease. Direct influence on the body’s immune system. Doesn’t it just make sense to prevent these unnecessary health risks by decreasing the amount of fat which we consume daily? Obviously it does.


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