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    Warner Nunez

    This product definitely helped me. I have taken a break fro it for a few months and starting to feel sluggish again. Just started it up once more. I’m 68 and exercise every morning and noticed muscle mass has improved. Arms feel tighter, back is less sore when working. Also have a bad shoulder that’s acting up again since I stopped for a while. I really haven’t noticed it too much when I was taking this supplement regularly. Worth trying, it did well for me but everyone’s different. You do need to take it for at least six weeks to notice anything. Hope this helps!

    David Rowland

    I thought since most of the reviews on here were from men you might want to see a female point of view. My husband and I are going through the IVF process so sex has become a chore. His counts are fine but he wanted to do something to stack our odd so he bought this product. All I can tell you is…oh my goodness. This has dramatically increased his drive to the point where I’m constantly telling him to get off of me. It’s completely transformed our sex life, and it’s unbelievable to me how much his drive has increased. We are actually enjoying the process again. If you’re looking for something to boost your drive without taking Pharmaceuticals this is for you!

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    Lawrence Mills
    I do feel a difference in energy during the day. I take it first thing in the AM. also, testosterone levels are up!
    Eddy Stephenson
    Great product will be ordering again!!! Felt rejuvenated!!!!
    Abdul Bradley

    So as I’ve been aging, 57 years old as of today, I have been losing energy in all areas. I have tired many different supplements with very limited results. This product Total-T is the only one that worked for me. I have been gaining muscle in the gym and my cardio workouts are 3 fold what they used to be.

    Darin Walker
    My girlfriend is 23 years younger than me and she is no longer complaining. No lie these are some large capsules and not so easy to swallow. Also many of the capsules were busted open and empty when my shipment arrived so if you don’t mind only being able to use 85% of what arrives they are worth the try.
    Renata Yates

    I bought this for my hubby it works. He has tired other nugenix blends. The total t works best for him. He has more energy less moody lol. He says he feels like he’s in his 30s again he is 45. It takes a month or so to work completely my hubby has been using this for a year and Amazon is the cheapest I’ve found.

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    Columbus Ortiz
    Wow! As a sceptic of such products I went in not expecting much. After three days I’ve noticed that I workout harder at the gym. I have far more energy than ever. And my sex drive came back in full force!!! Yup… I’m a lifer! Don’t wait get some NOW and enjoy a better life 😉
    Jose Fox
    I’m writing a review for my boyfriend. He says these are hands down, the best product ever. His energy level has spiked up, he feels like he is a machine after taking the meds. He is 41 years old and loves how he feels after taking this product.
    Jan Pope
    Even though it’s still premature to give a full review of the product I already took it for 3 days and I feel more energy at Gym; my workout lasted longer and I’m lifting heavier now: 39 lbs dumbbells each hands…before Total Testosterone it was impossible for me!
    Curtis Fernandez
    I used various products before and while all had some benefit, this one definitely stands out as providing both greatly improved sex drive and quality.

    Here you will find Adamour Original:

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