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    Does Water helps curb Cravings?

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    Water is a great diet aid if you have difficulty sticking to a healthy eating plan and getting a craving under control. Many people don’t realize how water can help curb cravings. Water is the ideal thing to reach out for when you feel the need to snack. Water is filling and easy to digest. Water can be used to satisfy hunger pangs, even if it is not. You can eat less if you drink water before and after meals. You will also avoid hunger cravings that lead to reaching for the nearest candy bar.


    Water can also reduce cravings at a molecular level. Water is essential for your body to function. Water intake should be monitored to ensure your body gets the water it needs to properly metabolize food. Your body won’t be able to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat if it doesn’t have enough water. Your body’s need to obtain specific nutrients is the basis of many food cravings.

    You will continue to crave food no matter what you eat. Your body won’t be capable of processing the food you eat effectively enough to be useful. Water is vital to properly use fat. If your body isn’t using fat properly, you only have one option: storage. Your body will need more food to maintain its “set point” weight.

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    Food Craving

    Anything less than that will result in you craving food. You must make your body a fat-burning machine in order to curb your food cravings. This is not possible without adequate water intake. When your liver is functioning properly, it is one of the main fat-burning organs. If you don’t get enough water, it can cause a chain reaction that will stop your liver from burning fat.

    Your kidneys function properly when you have enough water. But if they aren’t getting enough, they will suffer. Your liver will be more important to your kidneys, which means that your liver won’t be able to do all it should, namely burn fat. Drinking enough water keeps your kidneys healthy and makes it easier for your liver to burn calories. Water is also important in helping to curb your cravings. You may have heard that fiber rich foods are essential for weight loss and reducing cravings.

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    Fiber Food

    Fiber is important, but it must be activated in your body. Your fiber intake won’t be as effective if you don’t drink enough water. Fiber works best when it is mixed with water. Fiber gives you a “full” feeling, and flushes toxins from your body when it absorbs the water in your body. Your body won’t absorb enough water if there isn’t enough, and fiber will be ineffective. Are you prone to craving sugar, salt, junk food and sodas?


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