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Vanefist Neo: 3 Mini Diets for a Summer without extra kilos

You don’t want to go on a diet this summer, but neither are you going back to work with extra weight. So you can enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty, we offer three ways to eat. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Some people are very pragmatic and use the summer to shed the excess weight they have accumulated over the year. Others see the summer as a threat to their health.

Summer is the best time to shed the pounds. You may feel more conscious of your weight by wearing less clothing and you have more time to eat right.

You may find that the time when you can eat as much as you like, especially during vacations, is your most important time for eating. You can enjoy the process without feeling obligated and there are guidelines that you can follow to help you relax.

Take advantage of the days off to be more aware of what you are eating.

There are 3 options for meal plans that you can choose from:

  • A diet to lose weight.
  • One that doesn’t make you fat.
  • Another energetic one in case you feel weak from the heat.

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How can we ensure that our diet is balanced and healthy? You must choose carefully the food and give protagonism to vegetables.

Make sure to cook your dishes in extra virgin olive oil.

Follow the 8-glass rule for water intake throughout the day. Otherwise you will find it difficult to use the toilet, and you will also accumulate toxins, making it more difficult to lose weight.

Green tea with lemon is a great option for snacking between meals. It will also help you to control your weight through its thermogenic properties.


Small gestures, big impacts. This is what you can achieve if you carefully choose your snacking. There aren’t many routines, and you can relax by having snacks at times when your day doesn’t allow. You also know that tapas and ice cream can add more weight at the end. Here are some suggestions:

Start with two tapas that contain vegetables if your dinner will be a snack. Next, add two more fish or seafood, and then leave the most caloric (for example, fried foods) for the end. Your appetite will be lower.

Tell your family and friends that you are returning without eating a single gram. They will be more supportive if you don’t accept food offers at all.

Try to eat snacks with vegetables and fish.

You can choose a day to “compensate”. You can have occasional whims during the past 4 to 5 days, but you don’t want your weight to go up. Choose a day to “behave well”.

Avoid 50/50 foods. These foods are high in fat and sugar, so they are not a treat but a calorie bomb.

The goal is to have fun this summer and not let it take its toll. You can make delicious, light appetizers at your home such as vegetable croquettes and guacamole spoonfuls containing salmon, mussels with chopped meat, or vegetable tempura in lime sauce.


This is the ideal diet for you if you are tired and want to lose weight.

This is also great for people who feel particularly “flat” due to the heat. It can be particularly irritating for some people.

Beware! You will eat more if you feel tired.

In an effort to boost energy, many people resort to high-calorie and dense foods when they feel weak. You don’t gain strength; you just add calories. You can increase your vitality and weight without worrying about your weight.

You should include five servings of cereals (better whole grain).

Breakfast is a very important meal. Aim to eat an egg for breakfast at least twice a week. You will notice a difference in your mood and energy if you do this.

Legumes salads should be a regular part of your diet. You can make many summer recipes with them. It makes a big difference to take them three or four times per week.